For those of you visiting Ian's Rainbow Flu Foundation for the first time, I thought I would tell you a little about our family.  My name is Julie Moise.  My husband is Glenn.  Glenn and I have been married for twelve years.  We have three wonderful sons.  I like to call them "my Moise boys".  Sean is our first born.  He enjoys playing the piano and hanging out with his friends.  He is a very bright twelve year old boy.  In a couple of years he will probably be running this web site.  At the very least, he will be teaching me new tricks on it.  Next, is Ryan.  He is our ten year old free spirit.  Ryan enjoys doing art work, guitar and has also plays the piano.  Ian is our baby boy.  He would have turned five this past May 21.  Ian was such a sweet, happy boy.  He brought joy to all who met him.  In March of 2005 we received another gift.  Faith Ann joined our family.  Glenn and I are truly blessed with our four wonderful children.

On December 17, 2003  Ian died of complications from influenza A.  We had heard about the children who had died from the flu in Colorado.  We thought we would safe guard our boys with the flu vaccine.  The boys received the first of two doses in the beginning of December. Less than two weeks later Ian showed his first sign of being sick on a Tuesday morning.  We took him to our pediatrician and later that night to a children's urgent care facility.  Both told us that he had the flu.    We were to treat his symptoms and to follow up in 48 hours if he did not show signs of improvement.  The following day we thought Ian seemed to be getting better.  We were wrong.  He went into respiratory arrest on Wednesday afternoon.  We never realized that the flu could be so serious and work so fast.  We lost our precious child that day.  Glenn and I vowed to tell our story to as many people as possible so that they will take the flu seriously.  We pray that no else has to go through what we go through everyday. 

We ask three things of you.  First, follow your instincts.  No one knows your child as well as you do.  Second, count your blessing everyday. Lastly, tell your loved ones how much they mean to you.


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 IIan hanging out with brothers Sean and Ryan.



     Ian just catching some rays.